Site Investigation & Greener Remediation

We help clients manage risk associated with current and historical releases of oil and hazardous materials including perchlorate and PCBs for:

  • property acquisitions – due diligence
  • construction on previously contaminated sites (Brownfields)
  • emergency spill response
  • restoration to achieve No Significant Risk.
  • Greener Remediation

IRWIN follows the required All Appropriate Inquiry standard to identify Recognized Environmental Conditions during a Phase I Assessment. If needed, we then use logical and cost effective steps to engineer a remedy to reduce or eliminate the risk to acceptable levels.

We understand that our Clients may appreciate the science and technology involved but most often they are most concerned with compliance, cost and schedule. The regulations and acronyms are numerous and complex but we see it as our job to explain in plain language what needs to be done and why.

IRWIN announces patent for: Rapid Perchlorate Destruction in Soil and Groundwater Through Bioaugmentation

IRWIN, together with its co-inventor, has proven that perchlorate contamination can be successfully treated using a new patented process. By adding a registered strain of facultative bacteria, nutrients and appropriate buffering IRWIN showed that even high levels of perchlorate can be rapidly reduced in situ in soil and groundwater.Perchlorate, a propellant used in flares, rockets and fireworks, is a contaminant at more than 400 sites across the United States. To date, in-situ biological treatment of perchlorate has been attempted with anaerobic species using various carbon substrates with limited success. For more see here:  Irwin Engineers Perchlorate Treatment Case Study 2016 –    CASE STUDY – PERCHLORATE 2014-11-21


Phase I Site Assessments

The Phase I Assessment performed to the All Appropriate Inquiry Standard provides the User with certain Landowner Liability Protections. IRWIN follows the newly updated ASTM Standard Practice E1527-13 which conforms to the federal requirements of 40 CFR Part 312.  This level of assessment is designed to identify Recognized Environmental Conditions, which, if found, might warrant further investigation. IRWIN has completed hundreds of site assessments in areas such as:

Manufacturing Operations

  • Commodity and specialty chemicals
  • Fiber optics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Plastics
  • Petrochemicals
  • Electronics & electrical components
  • Metal fabrication & finishing
  • Wire & cable
  • Detergents & soaps
  • Food & beverage
  • Aluminum mills & steel foundries

Commercial Operations

  • Dry-cleaning
  • Printing & publishing
  • Vehicle maintenance operations
  • Photo processing
  • Office buildings
  • Airports
  • Warehousing & distribution
  • Multi-family residential complexes


  • Abandoned or unused land


Subsurface Investigations &  Greener Remediation

To engineer a remedy IRWIN designs a data collection scheme to define:

  • Exposure pathways
  • Levels of risk
  • Characteristics of impacted media (chemical/physical)
  • Dimensions of impacted area

Our President is a member of the E50 ASTM Committee work-group for GREEN REMEDIATION putting us at the leading edge of remediation for the 21st century. Our innovative strategies and project management experience have played into the effective implementation of remedies at more than 150 properties including a variety of environmental conditions and contaminants:

  • Petroleum contamination
  • Historical contamination
  • Wetlands & Ecological issues
  • Emergency Spill response
  • Imminent hazard assessment
  • Remediation systems
  • Permitting &compliance
  • Groundwater contamination
  • Tank removal
  • Urban fill materials
  • PCB contamination
  • Chlorinated solvent contamination
  • Heavy metal contamination
  • Stray current electrical interference
IRWIN has conducted bench scale testing and pilot scale studies of remediation technologies for proof of concept and implemented them in the field. This has led to adaptation and improvements on existing technologies that have saved our clients time & money with implementation of full scale projects.  Releases can be expensive so we help clients design ways to prevent or control system failures. See Contingency Planning.

LSP Services (Licensed Site Professional)

IRWIN uses the FoREVER Tool, © 2013 J. Andrew Irwin, to prepare reports. The tool provides a series of open-ended questions to be reviewed periodically from initial discovery to site closure to remind the user of data that need to be collected over the course of the investigation for receptor identification, risk characterization, timely response actions for risk reduction and source control, and a clear design basis for the Permanent Solution remedy feasibility evaluation. The tool allows us to provide a constructive MCP deliverable.The Commonwealth of Massachusetts has privatized site cleanup by licensing select individuals based upon experience and examination to oversee spill response and clean-up of contaminated real estate. These people are called LICENSED SITE PROFESSIONALS. IRWIN has a fully licensed, experienced LSP on staff including the current President of the LSP Association, J. Andrew Irwin. Spill response and remediation of contamination in Massachusetts must be done in accordance with the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (MCP), an extensive set of regulations. This is a performance based program. It requires judgment and experience on the part of the LSP as to what scope of assessment is appropriate on a site-specific basis. IRWIN takes clients through the MCP process from Immediate Response Actions all the way to Phase V Remedy Operation Status as needed.We provide personalized attention for every site and we are available for emergency response. Our site assessment activities are carefully planned to maximize their efficiency. We consider risk assessment and remediation system design requirements early on in the process. We use highly qualified and licensed subcontractors for sample collection and laboratory analysis of samples from sites where hazardous materials are known or suspected.



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